Elwell-Parker Die Handling Equipment

Popular lines of Elwell-Parker die handlers include:

Elwell-Parker's philosophy has always been to "build for today's productivity, design for tomorrow's dependability," a mission that is perfected in its bestselling E30 and E31 Series of die handlers. These trucks, which have lasted for decades in the field, redefine efficiency with forward-thinking characteristics that dramatically reduce labor costs and save an incalculable number of man-hours on the plant floor.


The Ultimate in Maneuverability and Versatility

The success of Elwell-Parker's die handling vehicles is due in large part to their maneuverability and versatility. Unlike cranes or rail carts, Elwell-Parker die changers can move anywhere in a variety of conditions without the added hazards of transporting large dies overhead. Customizable die platforms and bollards, combined with revolutionary vehicle designs engineered specifically for vertical presses and molds, enable Elwell-Parker die handlers to load or remove dies from virtually any angle or position, regardless of aisle width or available floor space. Ideal for large facilities and designed to be an integral part of any quick-change team, Elwell-Parker high capacity die handling equipment is an essential feature in many of the biggest manufacturing and metalworking shops around the world.


A Living Legacy of Innovation

Elwell-Parker's rich heritage as a leading designer and manufacturer of high-capacity die trucks endures in the 21st century as we are continually updating and upgrading these vehicles. Elwell-Parker has long outperformed the industry in areas of dependability, design, ergonomics, safety, and pollution-free operation.

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